PMANZ is guided and supported by Councillors elected from its members base. Council members are normally elected for a two-year term by all members at the  General Meeting that follows Conference but many Council members have been re-elected for further terms.

Maihi Cooper, President

Maihi’s pest control career started with Rentokil in 2001 as a service technician in Auckland, progressing into servicing key accounts in food production, logistics and packaging industries, followed by roles in operations management, quality assurance and health and safety. He is currently Rentokil Technical Manager for New Zealand and Fiji, responsible for standards and compliance, technical capability and expertise, training, development and quality assurance.

He became a PMANZ Councillor in 2017, elected as Vice President in 2019 and President in 2021.

Maihi is invested in the continual development of the Pest Operations training programme with a vision to develop more resources and support for PMANZ members.

Gerwyn Jones, Vice President

Gerwyn has been in the pest control industry for over twenty-five years and currently sits on the Executive Council of FAOPMA (Federation of Asian & Oceanic Pest Management Associations) and holds the position of Treasurer

In his first term on the PMANZ Council he was involved in the rewrite of the new UPM Level 3 Course, for which he is now an Assessor, and is actively involved in the education and mentoring of new pest control technicians coming into the industry.

Gerwyn is based in the Hawke’s Bay and in his spare time is involved in youth sport in the region.

He aims to be providing support to content and design for the new website along with leading the preparations for PMANZ hosting of the FAOPMA 2026 Pest Summit.

Peter Barry, Councillor

Peter has more than thirty-five years pest management experience in major companies before setting up as an independent consultant in late 2012. He was elected to Council in 2005 and has remained an elected officer ever since.

For the last ten years, Peter has also served as Conference Convenor, Newsletter editor, provided technical support for compliance documentation, carried out training and provided day-to-day website management and social media communications.

Paul Chapman, Councillor

Paul moved to New Zealand from Lebanon where his career in Pest Management has started in 1982. He founded Pestproof™ Pest Control in Wellington in 2003 then acquired Antman® Pest Control in 2012 and Fraser Pest Control is 2017. Paul has now over 40 years of experience in pest management. Paul was a regular guest Pest expert on Radio New Zealand National. Passionate about the environment, the move to NZ was a natural fit.

Dr Paul Craddock, Councillor
Training and Technical Manager

Paul has been in the pest control and biosecurity industry for over twenty years, with extensive experience in commercial, residential and environmental pest management, in both public agencies and commercial organisations.    He’s held operational management roles as well as providing technical support and training. He has also been the scientific specialist for a range of biosecurity and pest control projects, including ants, mosquitoes, flies and other pests. 

On the PMANZ Council since 2019, Paul has contributed on the many technical and training resources, in particular development of the new UPM Level 3 Course.

Tom McGill, Councillor

Tom started his pest management career with Rentokil in 2001 as a service technician in Auckland, from 2006 to 2011 branched out specialising in Bird proofing followed by roles in operations management. In 2011 he joined OCS/Cannon as the principal architect of the pest management services before joining the Ecomist NZ/Aus team, creating and developing a pest control franchise business model . Tom joined Fly Busters / Rentokil in 2019 and is now the National Training and Development Manager for New Zealand and Fiji, a position in which he supports the Rentokil technical team, driving the pest management certification programme.

Tom is a registered Career Force assessor since 2014 and is active in the education function of the industry.

Vicki Smith, Councillor

Vicki started her Pest career in 2007 with her own company: The Pest Control Company, along with her partner Glynn, covering the South Island and part of the North Island.

In 2018 they sold to Rentokil where she remained, running the Residential part until October 2019.

Since April last year, she and her partner have been operating as Pest Specialists, servicing in Otago, Nelson and Marlborough.

 She has recently become qualified as an assessor.

David Wynn, Councillor

David has been in the pest control industry for over sixteen years as a Service Specialist, and currently acts as ANZ Technical Support Specialist with Ecolab.

Mike Collins, Past President 

Mike was granted Life Membership at the 2022 Conference in recognition of his service to the New Zealand Pest Management Industry over many years.

Rowan Washer, Treasurer

Rowan is the current Treasurer of PMANZ. He is a past President and was granted Life Membership at the 2022 Conference for services to the industry.