We are pleased to invite you to attend our upcoming conference featuring renowned speakers and experts in the field of pest control and management. Join us to hear from William H Robinson, a distinguished researcher and innovator with over 50 years of experience in urban entomology. Dr Robinson will delve into topics such as pest control myths, the biology of the German cockroach, and wood protection basics.

Additionally, we are excited to welcome Dan Tompkins, Science Director at Predator Free 2050 Limited, who will provide an update on New Zealand's mission to eradicate mammal pests by 2050. Helen Blackie, a biosecurity consultant, will also discuss the use of artificial intelligence in pest control and surveillance.

The conference will be held on Thursday, August 29th and Friday, August 30th, with a range of presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Don't miss this chance to learn from industry experts and stay up to date with the latest developments in pest management.

Conference Programme

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